November – Month of the Holy Souls.

The Feasts of All Saints and All Souls will be celebrated on Sunday 1 November and on Monday, 2 November.

  • Due to the public health emergency it will not be possible to have our usual shared moment of prayer for our deceased loved ones in our cemeteries. Naturally, families are welcome to visit the graves of their loved ones to pray for them. The priests in our pastoral area will visit each cemetery during November to bless the graves and pray for those buried there.
  • The usual Masses for the Holy Souls will be offered during November by the priests of our pastoral area. You will find a list for the Holy Souls in your box of envelopes or you may collect a Holy Souls envelope by contacting our pastoral office.
  • Mass for the feast of All Souls (Monday 2 November) will be celebrated at 7pm in St Michael’s Church, Kildysart. Due to the public health emergency it will not be possible to have a congregation present but the Mass will be livestreamed on the Kildysart parish facebook page.  The Mass will be offered for parishioners and relations of parishioners of Kildysart and Coolmeen-Cranny parishes who have died since last November. If you would like to have a loved one included in this Mass you are welcome to contact our pastoral office by telephone or e mail.      

Coolmeen-Cranny Parish Accounts 2019

The 2019 parish accounts are available on our parish website or on our Church notice board. If any parishioner has a query you are very welcome to contact Fr Albert McDonnell or the pastoral office.

We wish to thank you for your generous support of our parish. We are especially grateful to our parishioners who use the weekly envelope which allows the parish to avail of the tax refund scheme. We received €3,299.67 from the tax refund scheme in 2019 (without any cost to our parishioners). We now have the additional facility of a donate button on our parish website which allows you to make either a once-off or a recurring donation using your bank card.

The key details of our income/expenditure for 2019 are as follows.

Income  2019€35,076.00
Expenses    2019€33,982.23
Net Surplus   2019€1,094.24

We wish to thank our parish pastoral and finance councils and our secretary Liza Nagle for their work in caring for our parish finances.

A summary of our 2019 accounts can accessed here

Live-streaming Sunday Mass

  • 11am Mass each Sunday from St Michael’s Church, Kildysart will be live-streamed on the Kildysart Facebook page;
  • 11am Mass each Sunday from the Church of Our Lady of the Wayside, Lissycasey will be live-streamed on the Ballynacally-Lissycasey Facebook page.

First Holy Communion 2020

We congratulate the children who received Holy Communion for the first time in St Benedict’s Church, Coolmeen on Saturday 26/September 2020.

May the Lord always be at the centre of their lives and of their parents, families, teachers and all who love and care for them.


We look forward to the celebration of the sacrament of First Holy Communion in St Benedict’s Church, Coolmeen on Saturday, 26 September at 11am. Please God it will be a joyful occasion as your daughter or son welcomes the Lord into her/his heart.

Due to the ongoing public health emergency, our 2020 celebration of First Confessions and First Holy Communion will be different to previous years. It is now normal to wear a face covering in Church. We are required to maintain a safe distance of 2 metres from people who are not part of our household. To facilitate this public health requirement attendance will be limited to each candidate together with his/her parents and siblings. A seat in Church will be allocated to each family. The seats will be allocated in alphabetical order following the child’s Christian name.

The children will celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation for the first time on Tuesday, 15 September at 7pm in St Mary’s Church, Cranny.

Parish Finance Council

The following are the members of our parish finance council:

Antoinette Quinlivan, Chairperson;
Susan King, Secretary;

Des Murphy;
Catherine Corry;
Fr Albert McDonnell.

The next meeting our parish finance council is scheduled for Wednesday 14 October  2020 at 8.30pm to take place in the Parochial House, Coolmeen.



Coolmeen Shared Anniv Mass 30 August 2020

The shared anniversary Mass in St Benedict’s Church, Coolmeen on 30 August 2020 was offered for Tim McMahon, Erribul, Michael & Phil Murphy, Clondrina, the deceased members of the Galvin families, Derrynashane and Newbridge, Mary Kate & Miko McNamara, Dereen.

You may view the Mass on the following links

Confirmation 2020

We congratulate the young people from our parish who received the sacrament of confirmation at St Mary’s Church, Cranny on Saturday, 22 August 2020.

We thank their parents, teachers, families and all who walk with them on their journey of faith.

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Sacraments of Initiation 2020

Due to the public health crisis the 2020 celebration of the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation had to be deferred. In consultation with the schools we have set the following target dates for the celebration of these sacraments.

We wish the children, their parents, families and teachers every blessing as they look forward to welcoming the Lord into their lives through the sacraments.

First Holy Communion Coolmeen Saturday 26 September
KilmurryMcMahon Saturday 26 September
Lissycasey Saturday 26 September
Ballynacally Saturday 26 September
Kildysart Saturday 3 October
Confirmation Kilmurry McMahon Saturday, 15 August
Cranny Saturday 22 August
Ballynacally Saturday, 19 September
Lissycasey Saturday, 12 September
Kildysart  Saturday 10 October