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St Benedict’s Church, Coolmeen (Eircode V15 DD71) as constructed in 1831 during the period that Fr Patrick Sheedy was parish priest. Fr Sheedy was also parish priest of Kildysart and the Church there in addition to St Mary’s Church, Cranny were also constructed during his time as parish priest. st Benedict’s Church is a cruciform building notable for its short transcepts. Many of the stones used in hte construction of the Church were taken from the medieval Church at Kilfidane. The Church was re-roofed in 1957 and the installation of central heating and the re-ordering of the sanctuary took place in 1975.

The baptisimal font is medieval in origin and may have come from the Abbey on Canons’ Island. It was incoperated into the wall of St Benedict’s Church with only a small part visible. During repair work in the 1980’s it was removed from the wall and cleaned. It is octagonal in shape and has a seriors of delicate designs. In January 1989 it was placed in the sanctuary of St Benedict’s Church as now serves as the baptisiminal font.

The presbytery whch is attached to the Church was constructed in 1872.

Fr John O’Dea, parish priest of Coolmeen/Cranny was killed when he was knocked down while tyring to contol a restless horse in January 1934.

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