Tidy Towns 2015 – Cranny Report

Lambs 002Cranny was awarded 272 marks in the 2015 Tidy Town Competition. This represents an increase of 5 points on our 2014 result. Our Tidy Town committee deserve our congratulations and gratitude for the wonderful work which they do on behalf of our community.

In their adjudication report the judges stated that ‘You are a small community and everyone works together to the benefit of Cranny.  Both the Wren Boys and the Tractor Run have supported your work and you have Fás workers to help you also.  Particular thanks is extended to the school for their support.  You have been involved with the competition for 14 years so well done on your efforts over this time.

A lot of premises in the village had been freshly painted and looked very well.  The Church front door was bright and attractive.  The school was excellently presented with well-maintained grounds, a lovely mural along the boundary wall and an innovative display of how containers can be recycled as flower points.  There were lovely window boxes and hanging baskets at Tir Na nOg Public House.

The raised beds looked very well in Cranny including those with roses and hostas.  The hanging baskets presented very nicely at the bridge so well done to the green fingers here.  There was nice ivy growth on the church boundary walls.  Ivy offers shelter to wildlife and provides nectar late in the season.  Your adjudicator felt that the grounds at the school were lovely and included some lovely native trees such as the silver birch.

Please be careful with the use of weedkiller throughout Cranny… Litter patrols should be encouraged to hand-pull larger weeds and the periodic pulling/digging of roadside accumulated vegetation should be promoted.
You have a good wildlife information board near the bridge and have erected a number of fun bird boxes.  A lovely project would be to allow families to assemble and erect their own bird boxes, maybe pre-cut by the FAS workers.  Each family could monitor what species of birds use the new boxes.  …

Cranny is a lovely hamlet in rural Clare.   The hard work of the community has maintained this area to a high level and it is great that more are getting involved with the work of Cranny Tidy Towns.’

To ready the full text of the report on Cranny please click here 2015 Cranny Tidy Towns Report