Papal Award for Christy O’Connor


Congratulations to Christy O’Connor, Coolmeen who has been awarded a Benemerenti Medal by Pope Francis for his outstanding service to our parish and to the Church.

The Medal was presented to Christy during 8pm Mass in St Benedict’s Church, Coolmeen on Friday, 27 May, 2016. The Mass was celebrate by Fr Albert McDonnell and Fr Michael O Grady and attended by members of Christy’s family in addition to the local parish community.

Benemerenti Medals are conferred on people for distinguished service to their parish or diocese and to the Faith. The medal is worn on the breast, suspended by ribbons of the papal colours. It is a gold Greek cross depicting the image of Christ, His hand raised in blessing. On the left of the transverse arm of the cross is a depiction of the tiara and crossed keys, and to the right is the shield of the Pope and his motto. On the reverse is the word Benemerenti, which means “good merit”. The award is accompanied by a certificate. The medal is accompanied by a parchment in Latin, issi ed by The Pope, which states

The Supreme Pontiff, Francis,

using his power to honour by a mark of distinction,

has seen fit to bestow upon

Christopher O Connor the gold medal


established for those exceedingly

well deserving in Christian service.

We congratulate Christy.  As we thank him for his service to the parish of Coolmeen-Cranny, we pray that the Lord may continue to bless him.