Coolmeen-Cranny Parish Accounts 2020.

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Our 2020 parish accounts are available on our parish website and on our Church notice board. If any parishioner has a query you are very welcome to contact Fr Albert McDonnell or our pastoral office.

We wish to thank you for your generous support of our parish. We are especially grateful to our parishioners who use the weekly envelope which allows the parish to avail of the tax refund scheme. We now have the additional facility of a donate button on our parish website which allows you to make either a once-off or a recurring donation using your bank card.

The ongoing public health emergency is having a major impacts on our lives and wellbeing. In common with most parishes and charities Coolmeen Cranny parish experiences a considerable drop in income in 2020. Our parish income dropped by 30% in 2020. Hopefully we will be able to bring our parish finances back into balance before too long.

The key details of our income/expenditure for 2020 are as follows.

Income  2020€22,595.93
Expenses    2020€29,922.05
Shortfall in 2020€7,326.12

We wish to thank our parish pastoral and finance councils and our secretary Liza Nagle for their work in caring for our parish finances.

A summary of our 2020 accounts can accessed here